Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Occidental Tourists

I remember listening to an album of music from the early 20th century that included a song commemorating Adm. Byrd and his polar flyovers. One of the lines from that song went something like :

"Over the North and the South Poles you flew, if there were East and West Poles you'd conquer them too!"

The idea of East and West Poles seemed ridiculous at the time. Not so these days. It is probably fairly obvious from the title of this blog what I would consider to be the East Pole. The West Pole might be a little harder to define. Perhaps it is simply 'everything else'. Whatever turns us away from Christ. The things of this world. Our Humanist/Postmodernist culture. Our own nature. We are pilgrims here in the 'West', making our way to our home in the East through Gods Grace.

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